How To Become A WordPress Developer In 2023: Complete Guide for Beginner

For primary users, it’s free to use, but advanced options may cost periodic subscription fees. Automatic filters are also included, providing standardized formatting and styling of text in posts (for example, converting regular quotes to smart quotes). WordPress also supports the Trackback and Pingback standards for displaying links to other sites that have themselves linked to a post or an article. WordPress posts can be edited in HTML, using the visual editor, or using one of several plugins that allow for a variety of customized editing features. Many years ago, WordPress was primarily a tool to create a blog, rather than more traditional websites.

So, before getting into the official work field don’t forget to know how to become a freelance WordPress developer. To build a website structure, anyone may need to add many other things to make it more presentable to the audience. For that, they have to put multiple beautiful elements on their website, such as color pallet, parallax, white space, etc. Moreover, speed optimization can also be a concerning thing for them. After managing a server stack, you will need a text editor to work on your codes. Window notepad or MacBook Notepade++ are some standard notepads that you can choose.

Getting Started with WordPress Development: A Developer’s Guide

Analytics, Software Licensing, Automatic Updates, Deactivation autoresponder, Email list building – everything in one place. And, one more thing is, WordPress developer salary depends on the level of expertise of a candidate. Having good researching knowledge and the ability to use that information precisely is an impressive achievement. You can adapt to any particular change and make your outcomes successful.

They need to understand how content is loaded, common issues that will arise, how to optimize a site, how to customize pages, and how to increase traffic to a site. WordPress is the most popular way to build a website for a reason. If you want to build any type of website, from a blog to an eCommerce store, WordPress is a great option. The WordPress core is built using the standard web coding languages —  PHP and MYSQL. The front-end presentation is a combination of HTML and CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and AJAX.

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When evaluating these different areas, try to pick the one that aligns most with your skills and interests (and desired income). These are just a few of the coding tasks you might be asked to perform as a developer. According to BuiltWith, over 60 million websites on the internet use WordPress.

What is a WordPress developer

Before learning WordPress if you have thoughts like can I make money making WordPress websites, we would say get out of that as soon as possible. Unless the practical outcome meets, you have to work nonstop. Reading guides, talking with experts, taking online courses, and being a rookie in this field for a year will not be easy.

So What Is WordPress? It’s The Best Way To Build A Website

For example, you’ll need to know a little bit of PHP to set up WordPress error logs on a client’s site. Same thing if you want to display a list of random posts in the sidebar of a WordPress site. You’ll need some JavaScript if you want external links on a WordPress site to automatically open in a new tab. If you or a client wants a truly unique design for their site, you’ll need to know HTML and CSS to customize a WordPress starter theme. It’s necessary to establish your competitiveness as a job candidate regardless of the demand for your desired occupation. Higher education is a great way to gain the skills to excel in an entry-level role.

The plugin ecosystem is incredibly robust, with over 55,000 free plugins offered in the official WordPress directory alone. That’s not to mention the thousands of premium plugins available on third-party sites. Theme developers can either create a custom theme for themselves, individual clients, or the public. If the latter, developers may either submit it to the WordPress directory for free or sell the theme on a marketplace like Theme Forest. A corporate company is similar to working at a government corporation or high-level agency. You can expect to work a traditional work day and primarily work on projects with detailed specifications and long timelines.

Is it good to make an e-commerce website on WordPress?

Plugins allow you to greatly extend the functionality of WordPress without touching WordPress core itself. WordPress plugins can be as simple or as complicated as you need them to be, depending on what you want to do. The plugin PHP file just needs a Plugin Header, a couple of PHP functions, and some hooks to attach your functions to. Whether you’re writing your first plugin or your fiftieth, we hope this resource helps you write the best plugin possible.

What is a WordPress developer

You’ll also choose a payment method such as PayPal or Stripe. If you don’t already have an account on these platforms, now is the time to create it and link it to your store. Many new website builders will download using a file transfer protocol (FTP) if the hosting provider doesn’t already have a WordPress database set up for you. If it does, you’ll be able to choose from one of the many templates offered.

With, you can install the best SEO plugins and utilize other third-party SEO tools to maximize your SEO potential and rank higher in SERPs. allows you to use any theme from more than 150 free themes and 200+ premium themes. On the other hand, enables you to install any custom theme from over 4000 free themes. offers limited theme support, while provides unlimited theme support. WordPress’s other big advantage is as an administrator of a website; you can set-up multiple users for the website and assign access levels and capabilities to each user. With this, a WordPress website can be managed by multiple users from any device.

  • When evaluating these different areas, try to pick the one that aligns most with your skills and interests (and desired income).
  • HTML is a markup language, not a programming language, but it is still a very powerful tool.
  • For a broader overview of what WordPress developers do, you can check out the services page of WordPress design agencies.
  • You can refer to the WordPress Releases page to access older versions of WordPress.
  • WordPress website design and WordPress development should not be confused.
  • As a developer, you will need to know the basics of HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript at a minimum.

By becoming a WordPress developer, you can monetize your work or share them for free. Plugins are packaged extensions of code that enhance the features and functionality of WordPress. WordPress developers create custom plugins based on client requirements. You can start using WordPress before you’ve mastered front-end and back-end development. WordPress is accessible for beginners, making it a popular choice for those who want to make a website themselves but don’t have any coding experience.

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